Ctuit Schedules App Reviews

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Love Ctuit!!

I absolutely love this app compared to the app I use at my other job!!! Everything is in one place...your schedule, your request offs, your availability, you can trade and pick up shifts with ease...the list goes on!! I use an app called shyft at my other job, and it’s seriously so complicated compared to Ctuit!! Great app all around!!! I wouldn’t change a thing!!


This is the worst scheduling app I have ever used. It’s not user friendly and hard to read, there’s too much going on. It took a long time to figure out how to submit my availability and time off, and equally as difficult to keep track of it on the app. I haven’t figured out how to cancel time off requests either. It has caused many problems for my me and my coworkers and we JUST switched over to this from HotSchedules. Overall the whole interface needs to be redone to be easier to read and navigate. If I could give this a 0 star I would.

Fixable ?

I’m the employee of the company that uses the app and when I first started working and using this app it was totally fine once the new update came in I couldn’t see my schedules on anywhere but the roster. Not under my schedule, availability, manage my shift, or at the dashboard. The GM and DM have tired many things with me to fix it, deleting me from the system ( fire and rehire), me deleting the app and reinstalling, nothing works. It’s an great app but the amount of time for me to find if I’m scheduled for a day or not is extremely annoying because I would have to slowly go through the roster of each day and find my name and the time. The app works for everyone else and I know it’s not my phone becuase I have went online as well to see if I can see it there but nope so something is either wrong with my account or something.... I am contacted the support team multiple times. After emailing back an forth for maybe only 3 times I stopped getting responses. I know apps are hard to manage and it can never be prefect with the technology but I don’t really the effort in maintaining.

Schedule fly is better!!

My employer recently switched to this app. It is super lame compared to Schedule Fly!! Apparently the bosses like it better for their back end crap, but for us regular folk there’s nothing convenient about it. I can’t get text messages (only push notifications) about shift trades, seeing what shifts are available at one glance is impossible, and seeing everyone’s schedule in a weekly format is nearly impossible. I hate all the functionality compared to schedule fly this app belongs in 1980!! Hopefully Ctuit can step up their game so employees can also find the convenience!!

It works...

The app works but that’s about it. I would love to see an update to support the screen dimensions of the iPhone X sometime soon

Can not access app

I’ve used ctuit for over a year and a half and haven’t had any problems but recently the Facebook log in feature hasn’t been working and it’s been like pulling teeth trying to get it resolved. There has been no response in the last 3 days to any of my requests and it’s becoming very frustrating. Please help.

Failing and failing

The app that crashes! All the time!



iPhone X

How much longer for the iPhone X support? Meaning for the screen size...

Good but could be better

This app is generally convenient to use, after reading other reviews I understand that creating an app is difficult and there are always going to be little kinks to get out. My biggest problem with this app is that the little red bubble that appears on the app when on the home screen doesn’t disappear even if you’ve opened the message or don’t have any. For example (and this keeps happening over and over), I switch a shift with a coworker or they’ll pick one up...it says I have a message, I click on the “messages”...it says you do not have any recent messages. Yet time and time again that little red bubble shows up after some time and in the app it keeps thinking I have messages. This is extremely annoying for people that actually read their messages, emails etc. to get rid of that little red bubble (on any app). PLEASE FIX.


Very dated, difficult to navigate interface that seems like a cheap version of better scheduling apps. Except it’s not cheap.

Weird interface, not efficient enough

My work recently switched over to Ctuit. There’s some problems with the app that hopefully the developers can get worked out to make this a more efficient app. - We’ve got two locations and in order to toggle between them you have to get make four taps. A simple swipe up or to the right would be better. - If you want to contact a co-worker who is not working that day to cover your shift the app will think that if someone is working at the other location they could still potentially work and lists them as available. (And sure you can drop shifts and just leave them to ether but a quick text message to an available person is always quicker) - It’s really inconvenient that the app deletes schedules from the previous weeks. Multiple reasons why; checking with coworkers about projects, calculating your own hours, etc... - Why is the first thing you see the bulletin board? What company has ever actually used one! When the app is opened, the first thing we should see is the schedule. The little avatars are cute though.

Functional yet seems unfinished

Hot schedules is preferred but I like this software just fine The messaging system needs a different interface The time availability and request off sections could be better there seems to be a conflict with repeating days and just days you need to ask off for in advance for whatever reason you need Look at the hot schedules version and use a similar interface but improve upon it There should be a mark all as read in the messaging system because sometimes messages pile up and they're old and because you haven't clicked them they are showing unread But they're usually short and you can read them from the menu Mark all or specifics as read would be great There also seems to be frequent failures in the software when performing tasks Otherwise it is functional it just needs more work I mean no dis But it's true

Needs enhancements

By way of user-friendliness, and ease. The app isn’t very fluid or swift

Hard To Navigate

Very confusing app especially to request off work, also a different choice of words could make for a better app and if you don't have service forget it!!

It is slowly getting better

I speak on behalf of my staff. Comes off very dated , but I know what goes into making an app, so applaud the minds for creating it and putting their hard work out there. Unfortunately, it still needs a lot of work with fluidity, ui/ ux. It doesn't seem ready to be released. With the competitive market, this is hanging on by a thread. "Not intuitive and it feels clunky" . "Hard to navigate and wording in drop-down menu needs to be changed". "You have to press every option just to figure out how to request off a shift". My advice simplify, and study other functional apps . Hot schedules would be is good guide at to the direction this should go in. I have seen improvements,but just still feels very dated .

Incredibly Frustrating

Quite possibly the least user friendly app I've encountered not just in the scheduling realm, but in general. There's a reason HotSchedules costs money... they know that if you don't pay for it, you're left with this dumpster fire instead.


The app is awesome. This is my first experience with having an app for schedules.

Good app

It's good man


Slow and cuts out several times


The app is so slow and there's always issues with connectivity.

Convenient! Convenient! Convenient!

This app is amazing as so easy to use! Keep it up CTUIT!

This app is literally garbage.

A 11 year old can make a more functional app than these garbage developers.


I never write reviews, but this app is so terrible, more attention needs to be brought to it. Not user friendly, not good for employees. It is a very shoddy version of hot schedules and should not be used!

could be better

my company switched from hot schedules to ctuit. I wish ctuit could have the full calendar view of seeing everyone's shift at the same time for the whole week. Hot schedules had that, unlike ctuit you can only see it by day and by job selection.


Not user friendly at all.

Got a long way to go...

I work two jobs. Both of which were using hot schedules. One job switched to this app, making it very difficult to keep track of my full scheduling. Would be nice if it could sync to my calendar as well.

I would give no stars

My company switched from HotSchedules too. This app is awful. You can't customize it, it isn't intuitive in the least (just like their back end systems), and you have to go back to the home menu for everything. Again, just awful.

Add auto pickup

This app needs auto pickup. Badly. Otherwise it's fine. Our restaurant switched to this from hotschedules. I found hotschedules much easier to read and navigate, but the only thing I absolutely hate about ctuit is NO AUTO PICKUP. Seems it should be easy to add that.

Hot schedules is way better

This app is not Apple Watch friendly our Managment recently made us switch over from hot schedules . Hot schedules showed all my shifts on my calendar on the app and on my Apple Watch as reminders I really like that a lot because I didn't have to go threw my phone to see what time I worked they really need to make this app Apple Watch friendly or at least be able to add my shifts to my calendar if I could I would go back to hot schedules

not great

we just switched from Hotschedules to this and it's not very user friendly. the app is hard to navigate at times and it's hard to figure out how to do things. putting in requests for time off sometimes don't go through. also the view and set up of icons and repeating requests and availability seem to be hard to descifer for users. not a fan


The company I work for switched to this from HotSchedules. Very difficult and tedious to use. Unable to setup auto pickups if you're trying to get extra hours. Unable to see a full schedule of everyone for the week to see if I am even able to get another server to cover a shift of mine. Can't synch my schedule to my phone calendar. Push notifications don't work all the time. Can't make my schedule the home page. Can't see employees I'm working with. Go with HotSchedules if possible.


Save the money and go with Hot Schedules.


I'd rather have a paper schedule and a physical paper request off form. Doesn't link to google calendar. Can't delete msgs. Basically no options in settings. Can't message multiple job codes. Not user friendly. A step in the wrong direction for my employer.

Difficult to use and poorly designed

My company just switched from HotSchedules to CTuit and it's been the worst transition. Hotschedules was simple, straightforward, and immediately easy to understand. CTuit is confusing and so poorly designed. It feels like switching from a Mac to Windows 98. My coworkers and I hate the extra steps you have to go through to do simple things like view your schedule or request time off. Additionally, there is no function to delete messages, and mass messages appear as individually sent messages in your inbox/sent box. There is no way to delete them (at least that I can find on this terribly designed app) so the homescreen always appears messy and chaotic. Horrible, terrible, no-good app. If you have the choice, go with HotSchedules.


It's perfect for me. I get lost but this is easy to understand

Smooth to use

Wish the app could physically prevent me from being scheduled outside my availability, unless I was choosing to pick up a shift. I have been to easily scheduled outside my availability whose has caused problems

It'll have to do...

The layout is extremely basic and lacking creativity. I created my account from the app but whenever I try to log in from the desktop it will not allow me. There are better scheduling sites out there that I'm disappointed my employers did not choose instead.

Apps ok but no hotschedules

Hot schedules is layer out much better

Love it


Better but new problems

The functionality of the app is much the same as it was before the update, with some ui tweeks here and there. Time off is now broken, but the app doesn't crash as much so that's good right? **my issue was fixed promptly, app now has full functionality revised my rating***

Could be better

Needs calendar sync, and also custom home screen. Currently shows messages upon log in( rarely used) would love to see my schedule upon log in. Good shift swapping set up, though.

Unable to add repeated days off

I have tried several times to add repeated days off and still unable to select a day! The other way was longer but at least it worked! Had to write a paper schedule of what I could and could not work for my manager, let's hope she doesn't lose it! Also help button is not helpful... No place to get tech support for things like this!


wish we could sync schedule to calendar app on iphones!

Much better after the updates recently

No more issues so far, and it looks a lot better too.


Worked with hotschedules for a while but ctuit is also pretty great

bad developer.

Terrible and what is even worse is that the developer doesn't listen to feedback and fix the issues.

Update is nice but Available Shifts is now blank

When go to look at Available Shifts, it appears that there are none even when there should be. iPhone 6 Plus - 9.3.1 (13E328)

Kinda Lame

Doesn’t sync with iphone calendar.

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